Anna was a beautiful 6ft goddess, a perfect shade of brown, long dirty blonde hair, Big Green eyes with a blue speckle in her left eye that made her even more unusual, she was thin, toned and! Curved, beautifully ample breasts, she wore cloths she’d customized herself,

once I went round, I was sick of her ignoring me and wanted some answers, I walked in and she stood in front of me wearing a pair of super skinny silk jeans and white heals, on top she’d ripped the back and arms off a guns ‘n’ roses t shirt and just tied it together.

I was besotted with this girl, whatever body part I looked at I couldn’t help but be turned on, there was nothing I could do, I remember looking at her lips and not being able to think, my eye’s dotted around her body, but to no prevail, I found her eyes, I remember looking into them big gorgeous eyes and feeling nothing but fire inside, a big ball of lust burning a hole in my chest. My breathing became deeper and deeper, I was almost a predator.

As I looked in her eyes I could tell that she had been planning on giving me the bitch treatment, but that was gone now, she had melted and was just as helpless to me as I was to her, we we’re going to sin but my god was it going to be amazing.

There wasn’t spoken word, I think she tried to spit something out but couldn’t, I didn’t care anyhow I simply marched across the room and without effort gracefully picked her off the ground, she wrapped her long legs around me we were lost in a world of hot lust; I could almost smell the heat between us. My senses were on fire, the ball inside my chest had spread throughout my body, down my arms and into my gut, I just felt so powerful around her, my heart was on fire and my mind, nonexistent. Her skin felt amazing. I wanted to be more than close to her, I wanted my whole body to be inside her, I wanted to be the same person.

she didn’t waste time letting me know she felt the same, she dug her nails into my shoulders and ripped open my arms, blood started to seep out of the wound As I slammed her against the pillar that supported the stairs, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled her body as close to mine as it would get, she was pressed up against me as I held her up by her perfect thighs, I couldn’t help but be rough with her, I just couldn’t.

She was kissing me when she stopped and bit my lower lip pulling it towards her, she uncrossed her legs and I let her slide through my hands to the floor.

I began to gently untie the not holding her shirt together and then it just glided away, she ripped open my shirt falling back into me, her warm skin sticking to mine, I held her waist with one hand my fingers touching the small of her back, I was starting to take my time now, using my other hand running my fingers through her hair and down her neck gently down her back to her bra which I gently disposed of, the more skin touching me the better, I pulled her waist close to my own and began to tickle the back of her neck,

She did the same except one hand was tucked down the back of my jeans; suddenly she pushed me away and began to march me backwards until I was sat in the middle of her sofa, she began to straddle me, pulling my hair whilst sharing long passionate kisses.

I amused her for a while but I wasn’t having any of this, I was in charge today, I sat up and reversed the position so that I was knelt just to her side, pushing her back I began to gently kiss the side of her eye and then down her cheek, gently nibbled her ear and then kissed behind, using stronger lips I began to kiss down her neck and along her collar bones, gracefully sliding down to the ground using my left hand to play with the area just around her nipples until they became erect.

I was kissing down her breast until her nipple was between my teeth so that I could gently clench, and then down the centre of her chest, zigzagging along her stomach, I was knelt between her legs now, pulling her jeans down ever so slightly, a big kiss on her left hip bone, and then biting just underneath her right,

She was going insane, I was a tease, I had to calm things down, I sat up and rested one of her feet on my knee and stroking from her thigh to her foot with one hand before gently taking off her heels, I’d use my other to tickle the back of her knees, kissing her foot and playing with her toes in my mouth, the same for the other leg. She lunged for a kiss as I took off her jeans.

I could see through her white lingerie that she was soaking, dripping wet, it took every ounce of my strength not to give up now and go for her, but I wanted this to be worth it, fighting her off I threw her back into the sofa, spreading her legs far apart, I couldn’t help but smile, because this, I knew! I was good at.

I kissed just above her waist band from left to right and every now and again use my teeth to pick it up and flick her with it, then I kissed over the top of the cotton till my mouth was placed over her lips right over her clit, I paused and took a few deep breaths then move on to her leg, kissing down the thigh ever so gently and then sliding my tongue back to the top,

Knelt on all fours I took hold of her thong and paused to look her straight in the eyes, tearing it straight off she let out such a moan, she was tittering on the edge already and I’d barely laid a finger to her, using my lips as soft as I could I began to kiss her clit just as I would her lips, 3 short kisses then I slipped in a tiny bit of tongue, 2 like this, now my tongue was fully out.

slowly massaging her, slow but powerful strokes, carrying on I began to slide my hands along the top of her legs over her hips and up both her sides, one hand staid there and the other crept over to her breast clenching with both hands I’d push her up and pull her down developing a rhythm that I’d co-ordinate with my mouth, she was practically riding my face,

She bit her lip before letting everything out, screams moans and curses, this was the time of her life, I moved slightly to my left and ran the hand from her breast down her stomach gently scratching her, I used it to pull up her stomach to give me maximum access to her clit the other I ran over the inside her leg, then.. Using two rigid fingers I gently slid inside her, slowing my rhythm down and using my fingers as if I was telling her to ‘come’ curling them back into my palm.

That was it she was climbing the peaks fast, I kept a steady rhythm using my whole upper body,

She had her hands around the back of my head trying to push me deeper and deeper, and I couldn’t do anything to stop what happened next, from the tips of her toes to the back of her neck felt like something was living inside, a deep yet soft burn, growing stronger and stronger, things were getting hotter too, sweat dripped off her thighs to my shoulders, I thought about pausing to lick the sweat running from her breast down her stomach and teasing her with a lip bite but I didn’t want to lose my rhythm it was too important, all of her skin was turning pink she was so close, she knew I loved to tease so she wrapped her legs around my back and held my head with her hands, her toes began to curl and her legs tense, both pairs of her lips tensed close together, her back arched and her neck jolted, with her eyes squinted she took a deep breath and went completely silent for a few seconds before letting out and almighty moan, everything relaxed, she’d exploded