So I woke up This morning in the back seat of (I’d like to say my friends) car. We’d been on an unscheduled completely random road trip the night before. and as I de-crusted my eyes I was instantaneously hit with a truck, carrying all of last nights memory’s with it. We Went to Severn Beach, and found it deserted. (around a 3 1/2 hour drive) So We went a little further into Bristol and some fantastic human being had decided to throw a street party. they’d blocked one of the main roads through Bristol High street with Dustbins so we just got MESSED UP! Some guy was just chucking the dubstep out from his balcony off his decks. and everybody was going crazy. people dancing on bus stops with umbrellas and everybody was happy. INFRICINGSANE!! My only regret is i didn’t take my camera with me.

tequilla was also a regret.