Monday 5:07PM

Monday was over, and as I revolved through the door to my office building I focused on the weather through the tinted grey windows. At First it looked Average, but as I started to spin my way around it became more and more apparent until I was stood at the top of the steps in the middle of yet another one of Britons gloomy summer days.

Now for most I’m guessing this would be a disheartening experience and the cherry on top of their hellish Monday. But I didn’t really care. See Monday’s were like my weekly birthday.

I stood up tall set for the train station and breezed through the human congestion feeling like a new born with every breath and step. I awoke from my day dream on the train, and almost instantly began to gaze through the window and think about what was waiting for me at my destination. See Every Monday I was greeted by Kate who was nothing less than a blonde bombshell. She stood at 5ft 4 with a beautifully curved figure. Long full legs, a tiny waist and a breath taking smile. I spent my entire journey thinking about her legs the colour, shape, size even the taste. I’d just begun to imagine her sweet scent in my mind when my station was called. I casually alighted from the train, and there she was, Propped against her car with her legs crossed staring straight at me.  My peripheral vision closed off leaving just her. A beautiful tanned body and those legs everything that I remembered. She was wearing a greyish mini dress with an almost leopard print pattern which curved around her Thighs, waist and breasts beautifully, a pair of Silver Gladiator heels which made her feet look delicious and Her long hair just touching her nipples and she was smiling at me, a long seductive smile. Normally Kate was a cheery, happy go lucky kind of girl. But today she was in exactly the same place as me.

As I made my way over we exchanged hellos and she got in the driver’s seat, I made my way around the car putting my bag in the back along with my jacket and climbing in to the passenger side. She gave me a short gaze and glanced over my body before setting off. She attempted to make small talk with me but my mind had already wondered elsewhere. I’d been obsessing about this nearly all day. My mind wasn’t racing it was flying, Taking time with each thought. I played with the radio for a second and found something with a dirty bass. The weather had got worse the sky was almost black. I leaned over not paying attention to what road we were on or what was happening and kissed her neck ever so gently she spoke to me but I wasn’t listening. I placed one hand softly on her leg and felt her muscles twitch as she played with the gas, I ran my fingers up the inside of her thigh brushing off as I reached the top and gave her another gentle kiss a little further down the neck. She was still telling me to stop but I refused to listen. I slid my finger tip up her right side and gave her a full kiss just above her collar bone. She hastily pulled over the car and looked at me, I pulled her right thigh towards me and we locked lips. I gently stroked her skin before sliding one hand up her back and slowly unzipped her from her dress completely. It just seems to glide away. Revealing her in a matching frilly white underwear, I had it in my mind that I wanted to worship her body; kissing, touching, nibbling every last part of her. I took her hand away from me and kissed her wrist, working my way up and then to her neck I tried to pull her a little closer but she took control and climbed on top of me,

With a hand on either thigh I gently dug my nails into her skin she started unbutton my shirt simultaneously kissing and tugging my ear, her hair floating around my neck. I ran my hands up her thighs and around her back and pulled her closer, she began to breath deeper and deeper, becoming frustrated with my shirt she kissed me on the lips…

Me and Hannah <3! Massive loveMe in a mess