What do you think to this synopsis I wrote for a book/script/film I plan to write….

About a girl called hope who after the death of her father joins a group of rebels to fight for individualism against a group of elitists who use the remaining population as slaves and toys in work and war

The year is 2082 and in the 20 years hope has been alive nothing has changed, the world is a precalculated, your job, partner & future are all predetermined by both psychological analysis and DNA matching. The amount of food exercise & sleep you get are now laws rather than guidelines, all fitted into a schedule people live by untill retirement which is basically execution. All of this is controlled by microchips in peoples brains which are used to travel buy food and basically survive ‘conform or be turned off’ it is basically life without free will which is effectively slavery. Only two states make up the world leaving little room for culture etc, life is bland there is no music art or uncertainties, sex ( unless sanctioned for reproduction with genetically compatitable parents during a womens prime) and drugs are illegal.

The plot follows the story of hope as she joins the rebels in their fight. She joins because the rebel leader was close to her father and she hopes to uncover the reason he was murdered. Hope will fall in love and discover the reason for her fathers murder was he found out the elite were literally killing the planet. This will be a twist in the story as will her father being uncovers as the true rebel leader and the one who started it all by disabling all their chips after he found out how so he could be with hopes mother. Making her a ‘pure breed and a free spirit’.

What do you think its still rough but that’s basically my complex plot, any constructive. Criticism