It’s the 26th of June 2028, my fathers birthday and also the day of his funeral. In the last 10 years of the 16 years I’ve been alive, nothing has changed, the world is a bleak and emotionless place with no surprises, yet completely corrupt and baneful. the commanding parties pre-orchestrate our fate using CCI’s or Cognition Controlling Implants. An idea by the self titled Dr. Zeus, we, the subservent toys and workers of our commanding parties whom accumulate for around 0.000005% of the population are all implanted with a plastic matchstick sized rod at birth designed to release hormones into the blood stream to control parts of our body and brain, much like the effects of a lobotomy, it specifically shuts down the ‘limbic system’ leaving us almost emotionless and stimulates both the ‘basal ganglia’ and ‘anterior cingulate gyrus’ to make us anal workaholics, the implants also act as a contraceptive controllable by an outside body as well as being fitted with a small Microchip which is used to control the effects and dosage of the implant while acting as identification and storage for our currency. without these chips it is impossible to eat, drink, or even catch a bus. the idea was offered along with a hefty bribe around the time I was born to the governing bodies of the world under the pretense that this would eliminate crime and destroy anarchy among it’s citizens, the details of how much the government actually knew are sketchy as when they were implemented they were described to the public as an end to crime, social deviance and the beginning of world peace. however a small group of now extinct rebels called the ‘one percenters’ discovered the world leaders had already been dosing our water with drugs to the same effect for over half a century. this however proved to by less reliable as it resulted in a huge proportion of the population becoming lazy and unmotivated, while not causing any extensive trouble for their leaders their actions proved expensive. by the time the true intent for these implants became public nobody cared, nobody could care.
After that the one percenters went out into the woods together to live, they started by catching their own food but vast majorities of their habitat was soon destroyed, some starved to death others retaliated by turning to cannibalism and eating the very predators that were sending them extinct which caused the military to take action and that was the end for what remained of the one percenters. what followed was the darkest inhuman years in history with the population of the wealthy nations numb their leaders left the 3rd world along with anyone else of age incapable of caring for themselves to die, the population decreased from 6,9 billion to a generous 800 Million in as little as 2 years. With the help of Dr. Zeus and their wealth 40 individuals which we only refer to as ‘the pantheon’ had conquered the world and now owned it unopposed as their playground, but this wasn’t enough they planned to play god – hence the name, in the following 5 years around 1% of the remaining population became ‘the lucky ones’ they were the CEO’s, bankers and simply the wealthy, the rest were left to survive like ants contributing to the hierarchy of queens and drones for food and a chance of survival. we call them ‘the drudge’s’
as if we weren’t powerless enough the pantheon began to take further control of our lives by screening our personalities and DNA to match us to our most suited career and the partner which would produce the healthiest offspring.




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