Bones twist and contort to form the bars
as my skins pulls tight to seal the cage,

leaving me shrouded
thoughts all crowded,
a Chaos greater than SARS

so I stare through the haze
and try to make way from this cage of rage,
but catch my gaze glaze into a fiery blaze
sealing this cluttered maze

just as standard
leaving me stranded,

Living as a ghost
Like lovers waiting on lost post,

until the fuel has depleted,
bad memories deleted

pray you didn’t see this
but turn from my kiss
making me miss

my heart years as I wrap you tight,
waiting until your all out of fight,
to whisper in your ear,
I love you **** Baby
Don’t worry, It’s me here,

Forgive me.

Hopefully something you can all relate too in someway.