Your riding first classs, We’re riding in coach,
Your the one percent, We’re the majority.
here to tell you, we got a big fucking problem with your authority.

living like harry underneath the stairs, whilst you walk over our atmosphere
it’s impossible not to feel deluded and confined,
under-educated and over guided, over worked and under payed.
tired of being abused as a slave,, living on the spade.
only to be segregated and discriminated. whilst you play victim for the ‘posistion your in’.
Well fuck you!

I’m Buzz-Light-Year Baby
I’m Falling with Style
Screaming let the good times roll!
I’m gonna tattoo my eyeballs and get in your face,
I’m gonna shave my head and turn up the bass
Your Wifes going to want me and your Daughters going to fuck me.
I’m a licensed mother fucking bad ass and I’ll take what i want.
These guys are with me and we’re going up… or out!